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Memory Cards Mini Game

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

This Unreal Engine asset is a find the duplicate for the clicked image card mini-game that challenges the player's memory, making it a fun asset to add to any project. This game asset can be used as part of a main project or as a standalone with the proper customization on the buyer's side. The asset can be customized effortlessly in a few steps by the buyer like adding customized images quickly (up to 30 images). By default, in each game, the player needs to find 10 duplicate images but the product allows the buyer to add more images to search.

The product comes with user input (mouse/gamepad/keyboard).

Table of Contents

Product Characteristics


$ 10

Supported Engine Versions

​UE4 4.25 - 4.27, UE5 - 5.2

Supported Platform

created on Windows 11

Download Type

Asset Pack




  • Widget blueprints: 4 in total (1 for the mini-game, 1 for the end game message, 1 for the image cards, and1 for the game option buttons)

  • Images: 31 in total (30 images for the image cards and 1 image for the background)

Input (gamepad/keyboard)

Yes (mouse/gamepad/keyboard)

User Manual

Video Tutorials

(Video Tutorials Coming Soon) Playlist

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Promotional Video

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Please note that in order to buy this product, you will need to have an account in the Epic Games Marketplace or in Gumroad.


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