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Hanged Bear Mini Game (Hangman Version)

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

This product is a version of the popular game Hangman. This is a game asset that can be used as part of a main project or as a standalone with the proper customization on the buyer's side. It's easily customizable by anyone who has limited knowledge of Unreal Engine, and it allows to add 6 letters words up to 8 letters words to the product, being able to add a total of 10 words. The product also allows to add words that contain double and triple letters.

NOTE: As of 01/24/23, the product has user input (keyboard/gamepad) available as well as containing 2 game templates.

Table of Contents

Product Characteristics


$ 10

Supported Engine Versions

​UE4 4.25 - 4.27, UE5 - 5.1

Supported Platform

created on Windows 11

Download Type

Asset Pack




  • Widget blueprints: 7 in total (3 for the mini-game, 1 for the end game message, 1 for the alphabet buttons, 1 for the game option buttons, and 1 for the letter slot)

  • Enumeration: 4 enumerations.

  • Blueprint Interface

  • Images: 12 in total (10 images for the hanged bear progress and 2 images for the letter slots)

Input (gamepad/keyboard)

Yes (mouse/gamepad/keyboard)

User Manual

Video Tutorials

Helping Tools


Gallery of Product

Promotional Video

Game Template 01

Game Template 02

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Please note that in order to buy this product, you will need to have an account in the Epic Games Marketplace or in Gumroad.

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