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Find Me Word Mini Game (Word Soup)

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

A word soup mini-game that can be added to any game project as a challenge level or can be used as a stand-alone game. It's user-friendly customizable (beginner level) in the main widget blueprint and allows users to add 3 letters up to 8 letters words to the game, being able to add a total of 12 words.

Currently, there are 3 main game widget blueprints that contain their own group of 12 words. The product also has 5 positions, meaning the words can change from location every time it is played.

NOTE: For the moment, the product does not allow words to intersect each other, which means that a button cannot be assigned to more than one word.

Table of Contents

Product Characteristics


$ 13

Supported Engine Versions

​UE4 4.26 - 4.27, UE5 - 5.1

Supported Platform

created on Windows 11

Download Type

Asset Pack




  • Widget blueprints: 7 in total (3 for the mini-game, 1 for the end game message, 1 for the alphabet buttons, 1 for the game option buttons, and 1 for the text block of the word list)

  • Enumeration: 1 enumeration of 5 entries.

  • Blueprint Interface

  • Images: 3 in total (1 for button customization, 2 for background customization)

  • Input: gamepad/keyboard/mouse

Input (gamepad/keyboard)


User Manual

Video Tutorials

Helping Tools

FMW Helper: ​A tool created to help users change word positions easier. Scroll below for more information

Gallery of Product

Promotional Video

Helping Tools

FMW Helper: ​A tool created to help users change word positions easier.

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Please note that in order to buy this product, you will need to have an account in the Epic Games Marketplace or in Gumroad.

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