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3D Models for any need: gaming, filming, interior design, architecture
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   Imagination to                 Virtual Reality
          and Real World

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Find a variety of 3D models, textures, and UE4/UE5 products for any of your projects at low prices. 

Products For Sale

Find a variety of 3D products for your projects: from 3D models, which you can download on the most used file extensions such as OBJ, FBX and COLLADA, to UE4/UE5 products. 

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Important announcements about my products: new releases, updates and new versions, discounts and special promotions

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My New Animated Miniseries

DC22 - Only in Youtube

A miniseries about a group of seven friends that share a flat. Different personalities and hobbies but all have in common one thing!

New Arrival

Haru's Bedroom

A music producer's real-world scale bedroom with a rigged male bear character named Haru. This product is part of my DC22 collection: an indie animated miniseries created by me.

DC22 Animated Miniseries.png


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UE4/UE5 and Blender Tutorials on a variety of useful topics.


Click on images to go to the Tutorials Page.


Export-Import Rigid Body Sim
Export-Import Cloth Sim
Export-Import Liquid Sim
UE4/ Blender Tutorial Export-Import FBX files
UE4 Tutorial UMG Input Hover Color
UE4/ Blender Tutorial Export-Import OBJ files
UE4 Tutorial Open-Close Doors
UE4 Tutorial Lights On-Off_edited

If, apart from buying my 3D products, you would like to give me more support, you may at my patreon and paypal pages.

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For montly support, become my patreon, starting at $ 1 the lowest contribution. There are five tiers in total, click on the button below to read about them and the benefits offered for each tier.


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For one time only support, go to my paypal me and pay the amount you desire to contribute,

An indie animated series about the everyday lives of a group of 7 friends: their dreams, hobbies, love life and friendships that they all share.


Click on the images to go to the miniseries Youtube Playlist.

DC22 Animated Mini Series

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